Finally a high speed internet option for country folk

Being a rural American, I love the country – well most things about it anyways. When it comes to internet access in my satellite internet dishrural community in Georgia speeds pretty much suck to say the least. The fastest option we’ve had is old school DSL that topped out at a whopping 700kb. I was really excited when I heard that Butler Broadband was coming out with a new, revolutionary satellite internet option that could finally let me catch up to the rest of America in the online realm.

Finally it has happened, Butler Broadband’s satellite internet has finally launched today! I was one of the lucky few that got an opportunity to take it for a figurative test drive and man was I impressed. The speeds while not out of this world were a nice 6mbps….in other words about 10 times faster than our old DSL! So far I couldn’t be more excited.

Outside of that they threw in a nice offer on TV too – I ended up signing up for a bundle of their satellite internet and tv from Dishnetwork that only costs me about $70 a month – better than a lot of my friends who are living in cable country. For those of you who want to get their bundle deal you should check this page out on their site:

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